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Technopreneur® connects with millions of inspired minds who drive forward with the ideas and innovations that impact us all. They are an unstoppable force inspired to lead, determined to define success by their own terms, and as passionate about play as they are business. Make your brand the preferred choice with these affluent business and household decision-makers through a variety of customized programs integrated across digital, print, video, event, community and mobile platforms.

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A daily source of inspiration and information, Technopreneur fuels the spectrum of game-changers that define what it means to be an entrepreneur today. That includes business leaders who launched something from nothing, content creators in the social influencer space, athletes pushing the boundaries of performance, and internal thought leaders innovating inside major corporations. offers strategic insights and how-to guidance for the people that make things happen.

International reach expands across India; Asia Pacific; Georgia; Middle East/North Africa; Mexico, Central and Latin America; Europe; and more.