Spain’s startup ecosystem: 9 investors on remote work, green shoots and 2020 trends

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As reported in the first half of our Spain-focused VC survey, the nation’s startup ecosystem continues to grow and is keeping pace with ecosystems in more developed European countries such as U.K., France, Sweden and Germany.

While main hubs Madrid  and Barcelona bump heads politically, tech ecosystems in each city have been developing with local support. According to this regional investor database, Spain is home to 62 angels, 84 seed funds and 19 Series A and beyond institutional funds.

VIDEO: The real ‘Iron Man’ suit makes its first test flight to rescue a victim

  • The paramedics would take 25 minutes to walk to the scene of the simulated accident, however, the suit managed to transfer the pilot in 90 seconds.

Gravity Industries together with the United Kingdom’s Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) tested the “jet suit” in the Lake District National Park, a suit that flies by propulsion and allows the rescue of accident victims located in areas remote.

In the test, Gravity Industries founder and chief test pilot Richard Browning flew from the bottom of the valley to a simulated casualty site at The Band, near Bowell.

According to a statement published by GNAAS, it would take the paramedics 25 minutes to walk to the scene of the simulated accident, however, the suit managed to transfer Browning in 90 seconds.

“Our aircraft will continue to be a vital part of the emergency response in this area, as will the fantastic mountain rescue teams. But it’s about supplementing those resources with something completely new, ”said Andy Mawson, GNAAS chief operating officer and paramedic.

He added that this technology could “allow the team to reach some patients much faster than ever. In many cases, this would alleviate the suffering of the patient. In some cases, it would save their lives. “